Entrepreneur "Raise Capital Now" Coaching Program

Strategic Services Package:  Program for Raising an Initial Round of Capital with Venture Catalyst, Karen Rands, that cover the following:

Entrepreneur selects the plan that meets their budget and time availability to complete the work within the program.   The entrepreneur will receive strategic advice and counsel relative to 3 areas that are necessary to be successful in raising seed capital as a start up company:

1 The Psychology of Raising Capital.   Raising capital requires a mental toughness that separates the emotion and fear of rejection and failure from the entrepreneurs belief and optimism about the potential for the company they are launching.   Activities include personal development exercises, completing your business DNA assessment, and belief/mental toughness exercises through reading, reflection and interaction.

2 Foundation for Raising Capital.    Creating the list, scripts, and preparing the documents necessary for raising capital.   This is through an interactive process where the entrepreneur is asked to provide information or documents and the advisor provides feedback.    Activities include development of the list of potential investors and referral sources, development of an elevator pitch, the Business Plan Review Assessment and feedback on the business plan, finalization of a one page summary, investor presentation and offering documents.

3 Asking for the Order.    Setting appointments and creating a habit of outreach and follow up/follow through.   This is when the entrepreneurs assigned advisor takes on the role of a tough accountability coach.    The advisor will work with the entrepreneur to overcome factors leading to procrastination and avoidance.

The coaching program lasts 6-8 weeks depending on the frequency of sessions and how the program is customized specifically for your needs and current readiness state. If the entrepreneur does not accomplish the key goals because they require more work or more time, then at the end of the program the entrepreneur can continue to engage Karen Rands at the same rate or on a reduced time commitment program of $500 - $1000 a month. 

Specific features include:

  • Initial consultation session lasting 1-2 hours will be scheduled to assess current status and develop the specific plan of action to meet your goals of the program. Your regularly scheduled one-hour sessions will be set up for the upcoming 5-6 weeks.  The sessions are conducted as tele-coaching sessions with your LAUNCHfn Capital Consultant and ongoing access via email and phone to address questions and interact during the engagement.
  •  Coaching on the Psychology of raising capital in a seed round and your affinity group. 
  • Coaching and development of an effective elevator pitch.
  • Assistance in developing potential small business investor list.
  • Assistance in developing verbal script and messages for entrepreneur to use with the target early stage venture capital investors to "get the meeting".
  • Help in development of the investor presentation.
  • Investor Ready Business plan review and advice on improving plan.
  •  Advice and counsel on offering, in some cases sample templates will be provided as appropriate, and referral to key resources to perform work.
  • Discussion on holding angel group meetings or conducting one on one with a capital investor.
  • Company coaching and practice presentation session.
  • Template for one page angel investor profile.
  • Deliverables are worksheets, guides, audio and information products to help entrepreneur understand what investors are looking for and mastering the "language of early stage capital raising".
  • Cost of the coaching program includes a multi-week engagement with individualized coaching sessions with specific assignments/deliverables provide each week, access to a portal of templates, educational content, and valuable information, and one on one direct interaction with expert Karen Rands.

Choose the plan that meets your needs.

Plan A:  two equal payments, full program delivered in 6 sessions

Plan B:  three equal payments, full program delivered in 6 sessions

Scheduling depends on payment plan and ability to complete your assigned activities.

For an accelerated program, please contact Karen Rands at 404-306-1240.

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