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Just like going to the doctor for a “check up”, the Business Plan Review and Assessment is an insurance policy for an entrepreneur to ensure they are “investor ready”.  It takes a lot of time, energy, and in some cases money, to attract the attention of an investor so they will meet with you and/or review your business plan.  You only get one shot, don’t blow it with an unclear business model, vague ROI, incomplete content, grammatical errors or awkward language or ho-hum messaging that doesn’t reach out and grab the interest of that investor.  Even if you believe you are "ready", we need to ensure that your message is clear and the small business investors can easily determine the likelihood of a return on their investment.

With this service, an independent business analyst will review your documents and write a report based on the 9 areas that investors have told us are most important to them when making a decision to go to the next level with an entrepreneur.  You will also receive a one on one consultation call to review those results and give you specific examples of how you can improve your business plan or to say you have the “Green light” for moving forward with investors.

Step 1:
Complete the application below with as complete of answers as possible, even if the information is in your business plan.

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Please Note:  There is no way to save your answers until the form is completed and payment is made.

Step 2:
Send us your documentation

Once you have completed this application, submit your business plan and other appropriate documentation (business plan, executive summary, financials, investor presentation if applicable) to management  @   For documents greater than 7MB in size, please use to upload your document and send a download link. 

Once we received all your information, your application will be processed and reviewed.  You will then be contacted with the results in 5 to 7 working days. 

Step 3:
Receive in-depth business plan review and consultation

After your Business Plan Review is complete, we will review the report during an in-depth consultation session and discuss the early stage capital strategy that is most appropriate for your stage of company and quest to find angel investors.   We’ll discuss the costs to further engage LAUNCHfn venture capital consulting services.

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