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Take advantage of the wisdom and experience we have gained from working with entrepreneurs and investors for over a decade.  Purchase our Investor Readiness Assessment and Consultation session and find out what kind of investment you can obtain.

This offering is like an insurance policy if you haven't started your capital raise, and a repair policy if you started but aren't getting the response you expected.  You choose what you want reviewed:  Business Plan (25 pages or less) or your Pitch Deck.  Our expert analyst will review it and schedule a phone consultation to provide you the feedback you need, recommended changes, and most likely source of capital for you to pursue.

Please indicate in the comment section which (Biz plan or Pitch) you will be submitting.  Once we have reviewed your document, we will have an informed discussion regarding your business project and what is needed to attract capital to your business, specifically the actions needed to prepare and connect to capital and investors for your company.  

Should you want both documents reviewed, simply indicate your intention in the comment section and when you receive your confirmation web page there will be a link to the shopping cart to allow you to add on and get both of these critical documents reviewed.

Some fields are optional if they are redundant to the form you may have submitted as part of the initial consultation session.  Otherwise please complete all fields. 

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Business Plan and Investor Readiness Assessment and consultation session

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